“Jožef Stefan” Institute, Department of Reactor Technology

Thermal-Hydraulics Experimental Laboratory for Multiphase Flow Applications (THELMA)

Research of multiphase flows and thermohydraulic phenomena in convection heat transfer is very important for further understanding mechanisms in energy engineering. We delivered LaVision’s “Shake-the-box” system to the Thermal-Hydraulics Experimental Laboratory for Multiphase Flow Applications. The system’s main components are 3 ultra-high refresh rate cameras and an Nd:YLF laser. Depending on the application, Illumination components can be various LED modules or lasers of different specifications. It is important to note that all LaVision systems are adapted to the end user and his experiment.

The shake-the-box method is based on iterative particle reconstruction combined with time resolution to obtain the complete trajectories of the imaged particles. In this experiment, polystyrene particles impregnated with rhodamine B are used, which absorbs the green light of the laser and emits an orange color that is clearly seen by the cameras. Three ultra-fast cameras construct a time-resolved three-dimensional representation of polystyrene particles, which provides a detailed insight into the flow of water and accompanying phenomena.

For more details about the Shake-the-box method click here. For more details about the scientific group click here.


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