The school wind turbine fleet

Vocational school Zadar

The school wind turbine

The school wind turbine fleet consists of 6 wind turbines with a vertical axis and 3 blades, while the power of each generator is 1 kw, and its key parts are the energy storage system and inverter for sending energy to the electricity grid. These generators have a dual role: they produce electricity for the needs of the school and educate students and trainees about the production of electricity from wind power.

This set of equipment, along with other equipment acquired through the project, will be used in adult education programs, more precisely – for the training program for low-power wind turbine installers and will be used as educational material during the practical part of teaching. In this way, participants will be provided with work-based learning, in which they will gain ‘field’ experience that will improve the development of their knowledge, but also the skills needed to compete in the labor market.


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