We are leading company in providing portable test equipment and online monitoring solutions for electrical energy systems, power plants, electrical substations, various other facilities and electricians. We supply a complete range of test sets for testing relays, power transformers, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, batteries, and many other low, medium, and high voltage apparatus.

Electrical installations safety

We offer a wide range of multifunctional electrical installation safety testers suitable for testing domestic and industrial electrical installations. They offer a versatile solution for virtually all installation safety testing by combining an array of functionalities and features in a single rugged device for even the most specialized applications.

High voltage insulation / continuity / earth

Machines / electrical motors / Appliances / switchgear safety

We offer a range of portable PAT testers designed for simple, standardized electrical safety testing of common domestic appliances and complex, multi-stage testing procedures for exotic appliances and equipment. Electrical machines are the backbone of industrial production. Specialized testers can be used in standalone confi guration or integrated in dedicated end-of-line (EOL) systems and support interoperability with native software suite. Specifi c to electric motors, motor testing evaluates static parameters like insulation, wire damage and electrical current leakage, as well as more dynamic parameters such as distortion, temperature fl uctuations and balance.

Our program includes range of testers for testing electric motors:

Power quality analysis

Poor power quality translates to ineffi cient and even dangerous operation of supplied electrical systems and may lead to damage to connected equipment and risk of fi re or electrocution and loss of production.

We offer a power quality analysers that are suitable for advanced troubleshooting of even the most complex electrical systems. Detect, record and analyse voltage dips, swells, sags, harmonic and interharmonic components and transients and other power quality events with ease.

Equipment for testing / measuring Various electrical parameters

Our program includes range of testers for testing electric motors:

Stationary batteries testing

Substation testing

Periodic preventive maintenance coupled with analysis of electrical parameters and other examinations is therefore necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation within acceptable parameters.

Equipment for sf6 gas testing, Measuring, and handling

Safety equipment


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