Surge and lightning protection solutions

Proper design and dimensioning of surge and lightning protection can largely prevent breakdowns, disturbances and damage caused by lightning strikes and surges. In order to solve the problem of overvoltage and lightning protection, it is necessary to undertake a series of activities aimed at harmonizing the disturbances in the system and the endurance of the system with regard to these disturbances.

Our program includes range of testers for testing electric motors:

Building protection

Surges are a great danger. Direct, nearby and remote lightning strikes as well as switching operations in electric power stations can damage buildings and systems.

Process indusrtry protection

The direct and indirect effects of lightning strikes and other transients threaten chemical and petrochemical systems.
Many chemical and pharmaceutical companies rely on innovative products for protecting systems and processes as
well as production and storage facilities.

Cell sites and Transmitters protection

Owing to the exposed location of telecommunication systems and cell sites, mobile operators and system technology manufacturers rely on professional lightning and surge protection.

Power industry protection

Minimise expensive maintenance and repair work with a customised lightning and surge protection concept. As an industry expert for power distribution grids, we special protection solutions ranging from power generation to power distribution with a focus on PV systems and wind turbines.

Transportation infrastructure protection

The smooth running of railway and airport technology depends on the proper functioning of a variety of highly sensitive, electric and electronic systems. Reduce costly disruptions and minimise system downtime.


Surge protection for power supply systems

Red/Line surge protection portfolio for protecting systems up to 1,000 V a.c. / 1,500 V d.c. against surges caused by atmospheric discharge and switching operations.


Surge protective devices for information technology and telecommunication systems. Yellow/Line surge protection portfolio – lightning current arresters, combined arresters and surge arresters for fi xed installation or for use as plug- in adapters.

Dehn lightning Protection / earthing

The function of a lightning protection system is to protect structures from fi re or mechanical destruction and to prevent that persons in buildings are injured or even killed. An overall lightning protection system consists of external lightning protection (lightning protection/earthing) and internal lightning protection (surge protection).

Software support Toolbox

Digital planning of Lightning protection systems


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