Šifra artikla: 02050400008

AQUILA Prijenosna jedinica za akviziciju parcijalnih izbijanja

One for ALL Assets: AQUILATM – portable PD Acquisition Unit


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TECHIMPs PDPortable AQUILATM has been expressly designed to respond to all requests for a robust and compact portable all-in-one PD detection station providing a full range of options ideal for on field applications. 20+ years of service experience has been condensed in this unit representing a state-of-the-art PD device integrating TECHIMP’s innovative PD detection technology (T/F Map) with multiple connectivity (Wi-Fi, Fiber Optics, USB, bluetooth) and power supply.

The instrument can be used to set-up a temporary monitoring system for simultaneous testing of HV cable during commissioning. Connection via fiber optic allows creating a network of acquisition units at different measurement points.


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